Monday, July 21, 2014

Independence Day

There is no better way to get me smiling than with fireworks
besides maybe a fountain Coca-Cola or a sweet letter from Mark.
None the less I love fireworks. 
They just are these wonderful things that bring families, friends, and uncomfortably huge crowds together
We spent this year in my grandma's driveway, setting off some of our own. 
We got the best show from the neighbors...the people one street over were goin hard! 
Here's to a HOT but lovely July :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Elder Kieran {Homecoming}

Missionary Homecomings never ever fail to make me cry. I love the chance to film the family/friends reaction to seeing someone who has been gone 2 years. That is just a long time. Trust me I know how it feels, even though I'm almost half-way! Here is Elder Kieran's homecoming! Welcome home Thomas!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Kendall + Jessica

Such a beautiful Wedding for Kendall + Jessica! I was dying over the view of the mountains!
Golf Course weddings are some of my favorites! Check out that sunset, that was real life!
Congratulations Kendall + Jessica!

Elder Lesuma's 20th birthday!

It's milestones like these that I get sad to not celebrate together! 
We both turned 20 this summer. To think back when we met we were only 15, just little babies haha. 
So lucky to grow up really with him right along with me.
I was able to email him this short little video along with a fun little birthday package.
My favorite part of the package was to have me and my family blow up balloons 
and write birthday messages on them and then deflate them. 
He then had to blow them up again himself so he could read the writing!

Stephanie + Isaac {Salt Lake Temple}

Went to jr. high and high school with these love birds! Can't belive they officially tied the knot. So so so happy for these two and was so happy to capture their beautiful wedding day. Happy Marriage Mr +Mrs. :)

10 Months!!!

I am so not the best at documenting Marks mission on here
 but try to do a good job on my insta! @sierrajepson
Elder Lesuma just got transferred back to Scotland!!! He was able to serve in the same area of Ireland for MANY months. He learned to love everybody in his ward & area so I know it must be hard for him to transition. The work is moving forward (as Mark would say). I so enjoy that I am able to somewhat take this journey with him throughout his mission. I have become super obnoxious with sending packages, and posting but hey whatever passes the time right?